Kay Hendricks

Apache Style Mocassins

Hand beaded with glass seed beads and hide

These are styled after early Apache Moccasins. The beads are on a string and are couched down every third bead. Moccasins would have been made by the women of the tribe as early as trade beads became available.

School Ledger Bag


This bag is inspired by the School Ledger Books kept by youngsters in the schools on the reservation. Ledger art is a term for Plains Indian narrative drawing or painting on paper or cloth. Ledger art flourished primarily from the 1860s to the 1920s. A revival of ledger art began in the 1960s and 1970s.

Traditional Ledger Art from the 1800’s

Bandolier Bag

A bandolier bag is a Native American bag with a wide strap, often ornatelydecorated with beadwork. The figures depicted are Yei, the sacred Navajo spirits, usually seen in rugs and beadwork and jewelry.

The back shows another yei. Of the Navajo yeii or yei spirit deities of the Navajo Nation, the most benevolent of such beings are the Diyin Diné’e or Holy People who are associated with the forces of natureThe back shows another yei. Hand beadwork with seed beads on cloth and hide.

Another Yei figure on the strap.

American Flag Strike-A-Light bag
Native Americans often used the US flag because it represented power. Kay collects items of Native American objects that depict flags. Strike- a- light bags were used for carrying fire making tools.
Lazy Stitch with pony beads, seed bead on hide.

Kay Hendricks

I grew up in Sapulpa, Oklahoma close to the Indian Nations. My great grandfather was a Cherokee. I have always been interested in my Native American heritage and love to collect Native American jewelry, baskets, rugs and art. Living in Santa Fe in the 90’s I was able to meet many of the artists whose work I collect. I learned Native American pouch making and beading while living there for 20 years. I also lived in Tucson, Arizona for 20 years and now I live in Texas close to my daughter Kim Ritter, who asked me to add beading to her quilts for this exhibition and to contribute some of my other beadwork to the exhibition.


7 thoughts on “Kay Hendricks

  1. Hello,

    Does Ms. Hendricks know of a source, that makes something similar to the ledger art bag that is on your site ? Love it.




      1. Hello,
        I am interested in having a bag made with ledger art on it. Kay Hendricks bag with the American Indian and horse etc. on it is a piece of eye candy. I would like to discuss this with her.


    1. Hi,
      Thanks for the response. Ok – my # is 701-330-8662. If she wants e-mail – that would be just fine too.


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