Janet Bodin

Winona and Pearl

Inspired by vintage photos of cowgirls from the early 1900’s are  two soft sculpture cowgirl pals. Winona is dressed in a fringed suede split riding skirt. Vest features contrast trim and silver conchos. Cotton blouse has tiny pearl buttons. Felt hat trimmed with red band and pheasant feathers. Pearl wears cotton twill riding breeches, suede patches along inner calf and knee. Leather belt with concho buckle. Cotton blouse with contrasting yoke and tiny red trim. Felt hat trimmed with a red feather. Leather boots on both.

Needle sculpted, hand and machine stitched, face painting, wig making, hat making, and boot making. Made with cotton, leather, suede, silk, felt, beads, mohair, pastels, prisma pencils, acrylic paint, feathers, and wire.

Maria Elena Cantina Girl

Maria Elena is a soft sculpture art doll with Tibetan lamb hair and a needle sculpted face, colored with prisma pencils and pastels.
She wears a white cotton peasant blouse, a machine and hand embroidered satin skirt, and a woven serape tied at the waist for her belt. Black leather slippers. The sequined velvet charro hat on her back is held in place by the chin strap. She holds a maraca in each hand.


hand embroidery, machine embroidery,  needle sculpting, wig making, shoe making

Little Sure Shot

Little Sure Shot is a soft sculpture art doll,  with Tibetan lamb hair, needle sculpted face, colored with prisma pencils and pastels. Cotton twill pleated skirt and blouse with covered buttons, black leather boots topped with suede gaiters, fastened at the back with leather straps and snaps. Under her skirt: black stockings and white muslin drawers with pintucks, eyelet edging with entredeux. Felt hat bound with hand dyed trim, embellished with a six pointed star. Leather shooting gloves, Winchester rifle replica.


Needle sculpting, hand and machine stitching, face painting, wig making, shoe making, dyeing


Standing just five feet tall, Annie Oakley was a talented sharpshooter. The famous Lakota Chief Sitting Bull saw her perform in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show and nicknamed her “Little Sure Shot”.The medals pinned to her chest reflect the many shooting contests she has won.

Come and Take It!… SOLD Will not tour

Come and Take It! features a Texas frontier wife: a soft sculpture doll over a wire armature, face sculpted with needle and thread and colored with pastels and prisma pencils. She has a mohair wig. Her cotton dress and glove leather shoes reflect the style of dress common in the 1830’s, when Texas was seeking independence from Mexico. The flag is entirely handmade, using embroidery and appliqué stitches. It is a replica of an authentic flag used during the Texas Revolution.

Miss Maybelle

Miss Maybelle is a saloon girl from the Old West. Although not considered “respectable” by proper ladies, saloon girls were not so-called “fallen women”. Saloon girls were paid by the bar owners to talk to lonely men, dance with them, and encourage them to buy drinks from which they made a commission. There were few means of making a living for a single woman in this era and a pretty girl could make a good living this way. Often she would have her pick of suitors and marriage proposals.

Miss Maybelle face

Soft sculpture art doll, needle sculpted face colored with prisma pencils and pastels, tiny applied eyelashes, mohair wig. Red silk dress cut low in the bodice showing off her décolletage; skirt front cut high displaying shapely calves. Black lace appliqué at the bodice, trimmed in beads and sequins, lace edging at the hem. Net stockings held up with red silk ribbon.

Bronco Bustin’ Betty

Bronco Bustin’ Betty is a tribute to the women bronco riders of the early 1900’s. Betty is a soft sculpture art doll. She and her horse both have a wire armature and needle sculpted features. Betty wears a divided riding skirt with a double row of buttons. Her western gingham check blouse features contrasting yoke, collar and cuffs and white fringe. Her hat is felted, with leather lacing trim. She wears fringed red suede boots.


Bronco Bustin’ Betty is a tribute to the women bronco riders of the early 1900’s. Bodin was inspired by Fannie Sperry Steele, Marie Gibson, and Alice and Marge Greenough, who were world-class champions in bucking horse competitions and rodeos and are all members of the National Cowboy Hall of Fame.

Shenoah and Tehya

Shenoah (meaning White Dove) and Tehya (Precious One) are soft sculpture art dolls. Mother and daughter both wear fringed and beaded animal skin dresses and moccasins and beaded feather ornaments in their hair. Shenoah, the mother, carries a hand coiled basket holding flint corn (also known as Indian corn) which is made of polymer clay and corn husks. Tehya, her daughter, carries her doll made of corn husks.

Needle sculpting, hand and machine stitching, beading, face painting, wig making, moccasin making, clay sculpting (corn), corn husk doll making with cotton, animal skin, suede, beads, mohair, pastels, prisma pencils, acrylic paint,polymer clay, reeds, corn husks, feathers, wire.

Janet Bodin
I was thrilled to be invited to be part of this collaboration.  It’s an honor to have my art dolls included with these incredibly talented and accomplished quilt artists.  When I got the invitation, I immediately started looking for images of women in the west, which led to vintage cowgirl images.  Once I started thinking along the lines of vintage or historical pieces, the light bulb came on: the pioneering spirit of my own ancestors would be my inspiration.  I am a seventh generation Texan.  My family came to Texas in 1824, when Texas was still part of Mexico.  The idea for my first piece began with the women who were part of the Texas Revolution.  After a decade of tension between the settlers and the Mexican government, the “Texians” declared independence.   While the men did the fighting, the women assumed the responsibilities of farm and ranch and were instrumental in other ways, including using their skill with a needle and thread to make flags for the army. 

Janet’s Website: http://www.janetbodin.com

Janet’s resume: http://www.janetbodin.com/shows.html

Janet’s Etsy Shop


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